Photo map of Germany with white frame


map of Germany
map of Germany

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Product Details
Add your photos from your travels in Germany! You can capture a lifetime of memories, and you can also create a personal smiles map showing where you’ve been or where your friends are.
Our free mapping tool Map Maker (www.mapofsmiles.com) allows you to prepare your photos for printing. No complicated image editors. Simply upload your photos to adjust their size or tilt angle, download the photo file and it’s ready to print!

Original Gift For The Loved Ones Or You
Everyone loves to receive wonderful gifts, and this photo map is the perfect gift. You can decorate your living room, office, or even the kids’ room with it! It’s never been easier to share your travel experiences with those around you and create engaging conversations. More importantly, the map will remind you how many of Germany’s amazing places you have left to visit. Take action, go beyond your limits and enjoy the experience!

map with white frame
map with white frame


Product description
– This map is framed in a white frame.
– The dimensions of the framed map are 73 x 3 x 53 cm.
– The main set without frame consists of three high-quality photo mats.
✅ Outer border cut to the shape of the country Germany
✅ White inner border cut to the German federal units for contrasting pictures
✅ Beautiful background mat with the name of each federal state printed on it.

– Photographs shown in some pictures are for demonstration only.

Photo map of Germany

This item ships free anywhere in Europe!

The map will be made and sent within 3 business days and takes 1-4 business days to arrive after that depending on your location. If you need an exact shipping estimate please contact us and include your ZIP code.


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Svars 1 kg
Dimensijas 70 × 3 × 50 cm
Photo map of Germany

Photo map of Germany