Photo Map of Europe (plastic, with black frame)


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Product Details
Add your own photos from every Europe Country to capture a lifetime of memories and create a personalized map of smiles, showing where you’ve been or where your friends are.
Our free Map Maker (www.mapofsmiles.com) creation tool allows you to prepare photos for printing. No complex image processing editors. Just upload your photos to adjust the size or angle of inclination, download the photo file that is already ready for printing!

Original Gift For The Loved Ones Or You
Everyone loves receiving awesome gifts and a photo Europe map is the perfect one. You can use it to decorate your room, office, or even kid’s room! It’s never been easier to share your travel experiences with those around you and create engaging conversations. More importantly, the map serves as a reminder of how much of Europe you are still missing. Take Action, Push your Limits & Enjoy the Experience!


Product description
– Map with a black frame.
– The Map without the frame is 73 x 3 x 53 cm.
– The map set consists of three parts: a plastic map of Europe with national borders, a second part of the map of Europe for sticking photos.
– And all framed in a wooden frame.

– Photographs shown in some pictures are for demonstration only.


This item ships free anywhere in Europe, GB and US!

The map will be made and sent within 2 business days.

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Svars 3 kg
Dimensijas 73 × 5 × 53 cm